Clooney Helps & Upcoming Movie Remakes?

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It’s Thursday…and even though the endless “exit” negotiations for Conan are not yet finalized, it looks like that late night dramarama  is almost over. Or at least we can stop talking about it. Sure, it was crazy and fun at first, with all the indignance & the outrage. Now? Not so interesting. Speaking of dramas, NBC has decided to order more episodes of the thought-to-have-been-cancelled “Trauma”, plus they’re giving us more “Community” and more “Parks & Recreation”. And tomorrow, George Clooney and MTV are taking over the airwaves and going commercial-free with “Hope For Haiti: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief”, to  be broadcast on more than a dozen networks. Apparently, the fantastic Mr. Fox has gotten most of his pals in Hollywood to lend a hand, and when you’re George Clooney that’s a lot of star power. Right now, they’ve got Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder, Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews, Christina Aguilera, Bono, Beyonce and hubby Jay Z  (you get the idea) — it’s pretty much a rockstar lineup of rockstars. Clooney will host from LA, reportedly Robert Pattinson will host from London, while Anderson Cooper will be live in Haiti. The whole thing is likely to be mammoth in scope and power, and hopefully it’ll help some of the countless victims of last week’s disaster. Now on to something a little, em, nostalgic. I went to the opening night of the brand new live Pee-Wee Herman Show here in Los Angeles; it was pretty wild and 99.9% of the audience knew everything Pee-Wee was going to say, and do – which happens with once-beloved  franchises. So now, let’s address a few upcoming movies based on much-beloved films & TV shows. Several big ones enroute. Voice your choice in today’s  featured poll and let us know which of these upcoming “remakes” you’re most excited about:

1)    The Karate Kid

2)    The A-Team

3)    Clash of the Titans

4)  The Wolfman

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