Supernatural Donates PCA Nomination Flutes to Haiti

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In other charity news, the good people over at Supernatural, you know, the show you voted Favorite Sci-Fi / Fantasy Show this year, are doing their part to help in the Haiti relief effort. Back in November, Waterford Crystal, the designers of our brand new trophy, (remember the one you all helped to pick!) bestowed upon all the nominees a gift- a pair of Crystal Champagne Flutes, commemorating their People’s Choice Award 2010 nomination. Talk about class! Each flute was personalized and sent along with congratulations from the whole Waterford team. The flutes are one of a kind and cannot be purchased. The team over at Supernatural have put the flutes up for auction on eBay. The cast and crew of Supernatural hope that the exclusivity of this item will help raise a significant amount of money for the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (CBHF). Click here to bid! Kudos to Supernatural for getting active. Now, while you are here, tell us your favorite Supernatural character:

1-  Sam
2-  Dean
3-  Castiel
4-  Bobby

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