Bye Bye “Betty” & Fave Canceled Shows

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Happy Thursday. The weekend’s almost here (and with it, a brand new Mel Gibson flick – more on that tomorrow…along with some of Mel’s own tips on ‘multiple childrearing’. Seriously.) Also this weekend Saturday Night Live welcomes Mad Man Jon Hamm as host, with musical guest Michael Buble. (Btw: all of you “Mad Men” watchers, the word is out that Bryan Batt who plays Sal Romano –the Fired Art Director Guy — will not be returning to the hit series. Go figure.) Sunday’s the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards so you’ll  either want to tune in, set your DVR’s to record it, or avoid it altogether and get ready for the deluge of Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Lady Gaga photos Monday morning. They’re saying it’ll be a pretty cool show actually. Now, will there be the fireworks &  controversy that sent everyone scrambling to  YouTube immediately following the AMA’s and the MTV Awards? Probably not. Were the Grammy nominees actually selected by “the People” like any other awards shows we know? Not exactly. Still, of course we’ll be wanting  to know what you all think about the show, even if you didn’t get to choose the winners. Now for some TV news that may genuinely bum a lot of people out. ABC has announced that “Ugly Betty” is no more, and that the current season (its fourth ) will in fact be its last. While this was long rumored to be a possibility as the show seemed to be struggling a bit, it’s still too bad. But at least America Ferrera gets to keep her Emmy and her Golden Globe. And they’ll probably let her keep that poncho. Can’t say that about all the other stars of canceled shows. Speaking of which,  we notice you all can be pretty devoted to your favorite programs, and lots of you don’t take kindly when  Hollywood suits coldly rip them from the airwaves. So here are 4 axed shows for your consideration. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these 4 canceled series was your favorite.

1) Ugly Betty

2) Moonlight

3) Raising The Bar

4) Kings

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