Oscar, Oscar, Everywhere!

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What do you think of the Oscar nominations? Shocks or snores? This year seems especially on target with earlier predictions. Oh sure, there were the Shoe-ins (Jeff Bridges/ Christoph Waltz/ anything to do with Avatar ) and there were the Very, Very Likelies (Meryl Streep with nomination #16 and yes, it’s a record. Plus Clooney, Kendrick and Farmiga comprising a talent triangle that’s anything but Up In The Air). And it’s true there were some wildcards – Maggie Gyllenhaal feels a little left-fieldish with her tap for Crazy Heart, and The Hangover could have been in the Best Pic race, but it so wasn’t. Then there are the Different Universe nominees like Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren (that’s Dame Helen Mirren, to us) in movies like The Last Station which is I am sure terrific and I would have gladly watched had I been able to find it in a theatre  on, say, planet earth. Other than that, what we saw is pretty much what we got.  And of course there’s the 10-picture Picture situation. Why did they do it?  Does it help America because more people will go see more movies so the economy will improve and everyone will feel better, or is it just a move by the Academy to spread the wealth?  Or both. All I know is it’s going to screw up office Oscar pools everywhere, and everyone’s going to run out of printer ink when they try to make the ballots at home. Now we know the former Mr.&  Mrs. James Cameron will be competing with Avatar & The Hurt Locker on March 7th.  But check this out: did you know that Cameron and Bigelow aren’t the only nominees to share a master bedroom? Nope. It seems Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell  — the his-and-her behind District 9 – are  a couple too. Plus The Hurt Locker‘s nominated editors? Also a hub and wife combo. One thing is for sure, the People’s Choice enjoyed a lot more crossover with the Grammy nominees (and winners) than this year’s Oscars. Which got me thinking…(ready for a poll?)  Let’s say the one star that everyone agrees on (People’s Choice, Golden Globe, Oscar, etc) is Sandra Bullock. Arguably she’s had a stupendous year. But for today’s poll, let’s look at the Best Actress nominees who aren’t the delicious Sandy B. (because we know how you feel about her). Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of the Best Actress nominees besides Sandra Bullock is your favorite?

1)    Gabourey Sidibe

2)    Meryl Streep

3)    Carey Mulligan

4)   Helen Mirren

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