Best of: The Worst Actors Ever?

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It’s Thursday…have you recovered from the NonFallout of the NonSurprising Oscar nominations? That’s cool because we’ve got lots of other topics. In TV news, all of you polygamy fans can rejoice because HBO has given the go-ahead for another season of “Big Love” …the one with Bill Paxton and his numerous, trouble making brides. In other TV news PCA’s own Queen Latifah is undertaking yet another very cool initiative (does this gal ever stop?), this time to help those in Haiti. More details tomorrow, but stay tuned, because she’s getting a little help from some of her more well-known friends and it’s one great gig. In legal news: remember Men At Work? Remember their song “Down Under”? Well, a court has determined that part of that zillion-selling hit was plagiarized from another, er, hit. According to the BBC, the flute part from the 1981 track was stolen from “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree”. Now that song, written in 1934,  was – and is – extremely popular among Australian schoolchildren. Did you learn it as a kid? I did. Unfortunately now Men At Work are looking at some serious overtime, because they have to pay back tons of royalties. That’s a lot of vegemite. Now you know we rarely trade in gossip, but it does seem worth mentioning that Madonna has decided to call it quits with hunky beau Jesus Luz — citing their 28-year age difference. Can’t imagine what could have gone wrong there. Somehow, we know Madge will bounce back (she’s 50, by the way). If that’s not bad enough, the Material Girl’s also been nominated for yet another Razzie Award (that’s the Golden Raspberry Award – the anti-Oscars who celebrate the worst in entertainment). This time Madonna’s up for ‘The Worst Actress of the Decade’ (seems kinda harsh to me,  but maybe I just like her music too much to be truly objective).  Anyway, Madonna is competing for the Decade’s Worst against Paris, Lindsay, JLo, and Mariah. A quick check to the Razzie’s history revealed that in fact they’ve been razzing Hollywood since 1981. So today, for fun, let’s take a look at the stars with the most Razzie nominations. I found a sampling of the top contenders on Moviefone. Now voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Razzie Champs is your favorite…

1)    Sylvester Stallone (30 noms)

2)    Kevin Costner (14 noms)

3)    Madonna (13 noms)

4)    Eddie Murphy (12 noms)

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