Who Hearts New Music? Plus Simon’s Replacement

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Wednesday’s here. Let’s start with music. The record companies know the commercial jackpot otherwise known as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Thus, there’s quite a bit of music out there on the romantic side of things. For example: the soundtrack to this week’s new movie  Valentine’s Day features  2 songs from Taylor Swift that will, I’m pretty certain,  jettison that album right on up the charts. Then there’s the latest from a lady who, years ago sent an awful lot of people racing to the nearest smokey lounge to sip martinis – Sade. She’s back with “Soldier of Love” – her first release in 10 years. Also, in the same Sultry Chanteuse vein we have new remixes from Norah Jones. It’s that time of year, after all. In movie news, Tom Cruise has signed on to star once again as the gun-toting/cliff-scaling /motorcycle -riding/aquarium-smashing/tuxedo-wearing Ethan Hunt in the next Mission: Impossible movie. Meanwhile, we have reports that Fox has “greenlit” the brand new movie version of “24” so Jack Bauer will be heading to a big screen near you. Not that you should hold your breath – just because a studio says “yes, let’s turn that into a big movie!” doesn’t mean it gets done in a timely fashion. Or at all.  On to TV: what did you think of Ellen DeGeneres’ big night judging on “American Idol”? Did she knock it out of the park? Speaking of “Idol”, the Hollywood rumor mill is now entirely awash in gossip over who will replace Simon Cowell next year when the mega-busy Brit steps down. And these are pretty massive shoes to fill. Several names are being tossed around as possible heirs to that throne.Two of the contenders, Guy Oseary and Tommy Mottola,  may not be household names. Yet. (However, all you need to know is that the first one is Madonna’s right-hand man and a major-behind-the-scenes player, and the other is a record exec and the man who discovered – and married – Mariah Carey). The others reportedly in contention may be a little more familiar to us (see names below) . Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these guys you could see taking over when Simon Cowell leaves “Idol”:

1)    Elton John

2)    Jamie Foxx

3)   Howard Stern

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