Hit TV Shows on the Big Screen?

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It’s Thursday – we’re almost there! And boy, do you all have some serious opinions about “American Idol” (thanks for the feedback). Seems very few of you are fans of Howard Stern: The Music Judge.  Although maybe he likes it that way.  In TV news, an obit. Captain Phil Harris, the man who piloted the crab-fishing vessel on the hit series “Deadliest Catch” has died, following complications from a stroke. He was 53.  In happier news, tennis ace Boris Becker and his wife Sharlely welcomed a son – Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker (who wants to monogram that kid’s shirts?) It’s the couple’s first child (Becker has 3 others from previous relationships). Congratulations. And did you know that a certain embattled former late-night host quietly bid adieu to his unwatched  (and some felt, unwatchable) prime time program this week? Neither did I. But we do have some casting news — to do with  TV shows that many of us, or at least older people we might be related to,  loved. In fact, there’s quite a trend in Hollywood these days to take chestnuts from the 60’s and 70’s and turn them into big ticket movies – with varying results. So now, they’re hoping third time’s the charm for hunky Australian actor Alex O’Laughlin, who was most recently the star of TV’s “Three Rivers “(which was canceled, although a few people liked it) and before that starred in “Moonlight” (also canceled, although a TON of people liked it). Now they’re bringing back a TV classic: “Hawaii Five-O”, and Alex will star as Detective Steve McGarrett (indelibly etched in people’s minds by the late Jack Lord, he of Windblown Hair & Rugged Chin fame). So we’ll be eager to see their take on that iconic show. Then get this one – evidently Susan Sarandon’s got her eye on  “The Big Valley” – as in, the Oscar-winner is currently in negotiations to star in the role Barbara  Stanwyck  originated as matriarch in the classic 1960’s Western saga. Will you buy tickets to see that at your local cineplex?  In fact, with all the studios planning to remake, reboot, relaunch and reimagine everything, let’s take a look at a few other hot shows and see which ones might tickle your fancy on the big screen. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these shows you’d most like to see made into movies:

1) Lost

2) Glee

3) Supernatural

4) House

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