Valentine’s Day Smokes Percy & the Wolf

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Welcome back to Tuesday…hope you had a fantastic Long Weekend! With Valentine’s Day behind us (get ready for the 1/2 price chocolate) we now proceed into spring. Here’s the cue for bars & pubs across America to start planning their Green Beer/St. Paddy’s specials. Did you see any movies this weekend? Did you eagerly go see/convince someone special to attend and/or get dragged to Valentine’s Day – the movie? If you were part of that gang, you contributed to the comedy’s box office triumph. You were semi-responsible for its $65 million dollar haul. Behind it, Percy Jackson & The Wolfman each brought in over $30 million apiece. So maybe in the end, love really does conquer all. Moving on, we have two entertainment obituaries.  First, Doug Fieger, whose name may not ring a bell but his hit songs probably do; he was the lead singer for The Knack, the band behind “My Sharona” and “Good Girls Don’t” among others. Fieger succumbed to cancer at age 57. And English novelist (and former jockey) Dick Francis, who wrote lots and lots of bestselling crime thrillers (about jockeys who inadvertently become sleuths) has also passed away,  at age 89. In nuptial news, it seems Joel Madden & Nicole Richie are now officially engaged (they’re the ones who have been together for 3 years with the 2 children). Congrats. In less-than-savory headlines, filmmaker Kevin Smith’s ripping mad at Southwest Airlines for ejecting him from a flight on account of his size, and musician John Mayer is swimming in apologies over various indiscretions (hopefully, one might be his apparent inability to pipe down a teensy bit). But let’s talk about yesterday’s national holiday celebrating the guys who have presided over our fair land. Or at least, for the purposes of today’s poll, we’ll look at some of the actors who have played the guys sitting in the Oval Office. Of which there have been many in both TV and film – we’re going to give you some of both to consider. So now, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these actors played your favorite President?

1)    Martin Sheen  (The West Wing)

2)    Kevin Kline (Dave)

3)    Dennis Haysbert (24)

4)  Michael Douglas (The American President)

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