Hot Couples: True Love or Just Hollywood?

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It’s Thursday, so why not talk about “comeback” news.  First, Tiger Woods is having a press conference tomorrow. Apparently the golf champ is planning to come clean about  – or at least apologize for – some of the less-than-smart decisions he may have made recently to do with various ladies who aren’t his wife or the mother of his children. Stay tuned for that one. The location? A golf club. Guess they wanted to make sure he was on friendly turf. And now here’s another comeback story  (this one’s a lot less thorny than Tiger’s). Last week the original sultry, smokey-voiced, queen of cool Sade came out with a record, “Soldier of Love”.  Her first since 2000. And even though popular wisdom says nobody buys records anymore, apparently somebody did. Like about half a million people because the lady’s come roaring back in a big way.  She sold 502,000 copies – that’s just shy of Susan Boyle. So doubters beware, Sade’s en fuego. Of course with Idol now getting to the good part, how does everyone think Ellen’s doing? Could you see her knocking heads with Howard Stern?  Idol champ  Kris Allen is going to appear on the results show next week to help raise money for Haiti. And another former Idol alum – Danny Gokey – reportedly has a pretty catchy song on his hands, “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” – you might want to check it out and let us know what you think. Bad news for Oscar-nominated singers however – evidently they’re canceling those live Best Song performances in this year’s Oscars broadcast (maybe to save time because how else can they announce the 28 Best Picture nominees?) Now even though Hollywood is distracted by the upcoming March awards, there are still movies coming out weekly and recently we’ve seen a spate of movie “couples” who seem awfully cute together  but who also – um – happen to have movies to promote. Is it a coincidence that they have a “fling” right around the release date? Or is that just the way love works?  Some seem like publicity  stunts, while others might just be the real deal. So here now are 4 rumored “couplings” featuring attractive people who all happen to be in movies together. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which one of these “couples” is your favorite.

1)    Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler

2)    Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

3)    Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift

4)    Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens

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