Leonardo DiCaprio’s Latest Island Getaway

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Ah, Friday!  (Today,  if you happen to run into actor Benicio Del Toro, be sure to congratulate him on The Wolfman and wish him Happy Birthday. Similarly, should you encounter Jeff Daniels or Justine Bateman, tell them the same thing – but you can leave out the Wolfman stuff and just go with ‘Happy Birthday’). Will you tune in and watch  the US go  for more Olympic gold? Or will you venture out and catch a movie,  since the coast is clear and we’re finally past the behemoth that is Valentine’s Day (both the actual  “holiday” and the blockbuster film. Although despite conflicting opinions on the movie itself, the one thing everyone agrees on is the fact that Taylor Swift does a very nice job acting. She’s funny & totally adorable in what amounts to a self-parody  – a role frequently screwed up by folks with twice her age and movie experience). In TV news, because it’s never too early to start talking about “Dancing With The Stars” hoofer Brooke Burke is reportedly up for the co-host spot that Samantha Harris vacated. Burke revealed this, tweeting to fans about her upcoming screen test. Now, if you do decide to venture out and catch a movie, you have a couple of options. At your local cineplex you might see the Roman Polanski-directed thriller The Ghost Writer starring Ewan MacGregor and Pierce Brosnan. Or, you might catch the latest film to star “Gilmore Girls”‘  Alexis Bledel called The Good Guy. But the movie that’s going to bring home all the bacon this weekend — maybe even unseating Valentine’s Day & Dear John & Avatar for 1st place? Shutter Island, the super-creepy film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a US Marshall investigating a series of disturbing events at a “home for the criminally insane”.  (When’s the last time you heard people refer to “the criminally insane” describing a movie and really, really bad things didn’t start happening?) Will you see Shutter Island? In fact, this is the 4th time DiCaprio has worked with director Martin Scorcese. So voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which one of these other DiCaprio/Scorcese movies you liked best?

1)    The Aviator

2)    The Departed

3)  Gangs of New York

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