What’s Your Oscar Best Pic Pick?

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Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Did you catch any of the Olympics? Did you have an unnatural desire to a) dust off those skis b) convince a teenager to teach you to snowboard c) rent the DVD of The Cutting Edge or d) visit Canada soon/never?  And how about Tiger – will  the press leave him alone now that he has a) apologized and more importantly b) finally been spotted with a golf club in his hand? (If a smile and a 9-iron don’t say business-as-usual, we’re not sure what does). Here’s movie news. As predicted, Shutter Island shut out everybody else at the box office. The Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio insane asylum thriller pulled in nearly $41 million dollars for the weekend win. That’s a super-welcome victory for the folks behind the film since it was supposed to come out in theaters months ago. And we know that typically when they futz around with a movie’s release date, that’s usually a bad sign. Previous box-office champ  Valentine’s Day made about half that much. In celeb nuptials  Hilary Duff has gotten engaged to hockey player Mike Comrie, and if you want to see her engagement ring up close, you have only to sift thru about 3000 pictures of it currently floating around the internet. Happy Birthday to actors Drew Barrymore and Thomas Jane.  Now, continuing on with our Awards’ season push, this weekend was the BAFTA Awards – that’s the British Oscars, where a great many actors and actresses we’ve been buzzing about for the last few months showed up to collect trophies across the pond. Did certain UK films/stars enjoy a home-court advantage? Yes and no.  For example, the plot is getting very thick in the Best Picture category. That’s because The Hurt Locker – a seemingly unstoppable war movie about a team of guys who have to dismantle bombs – took the Best Picture Trophy.  Plus, the BAFTA Best Director Award went to The Hurt Locker’s Kathryn Bigelow – the former Mrs. James Cameron. Another American, Kristen Stewart, beat out several Brits for the Rising Star Award. This means that Oscar Day — March 7th — may deliver quite a showdown (if only they left the voting up to The People like some other Awards Shows we know). With this in mind, let’s wade thru all the clutter and take a look at Oscar with YOU as voter in mind. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us this: if the Oscars were tomorrow and YOU had to select the Best Picture winner from these movies which one would you choose?

1)   Avatar

2)   The Blind Side

3)   The Hurt Locker

4)   Up In The Air

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