2010’s Don’t Miss Glee-ster Egg Hunt!

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It’s Tuesday. Love your comments on our if-the-Oscars-were-tomorrow poll. You sure do like your movies – and you sure do like The Blind Side. Is there anyone on this continent right now who’s not crazy about Sandra Bullock & the awesome year she’s having? They say everyone loves a comeback – but I say, not necessarily true. Why do we love a comeback with some stars, and yet we can’t wait to see other actors or actresses fade into oblivion? Which brings me to TV news. Here’s the what. Let’s say you really, really love a TV show. You love the characters, the plot, you’re up to date on every episode. Maybe you even watch it repeatedly on DVR. You know all the behind-the-scenes stuff, and you can’t wait for the new season. So what happens when you invite the cast of your beloved TV show to a little shindig you’re having – and they show up at your house? Cool! Sounds like fun, right? Like a dream come true. Right?  Unfortunately, if you’re me or pretty much anybody I have ever met – it’s also pretty unlikely. Make that impossible. Not gonna happen. Unless of course you happen to be the First Lady of the United States.  And you absolutely love the show “Glee” (and let’s face it, like Sandra Bullock  – who doesn’t?) And maybe even your husband – the President – thinks “Glee’s” kinda cool too. Turns out? It can happen. So now the cast of “Glee” will be showing up for a very special command performance at the White House’s Easter Egg Roll on April 5th. (That’s a week before the show returns  to our non-famous, celebrity-free living rooms). So yes, sometimes if you really love a show and you happen to be in the right place at the right time with the nation’s top job, you get to have any old cast you want at your little party. Speaking of someone’s little party, let’s talk about Jay Leno. After all that nasty drama with Conan, we know Jay’s returning to late night TV. And when it comes to guests invited for his first week back, let’s just say they’ve got some real doozies scheduled. As in, let’s make them today’s featured poll. So voice your choice and let us know which of Jay Leno’s first guests you’re most excited about?

1)    Simon Cowell

2)    Sarah Palin

3)    The Cast of Jersey Shore

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