Favorite “Bad” Actors?

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Wednesday’s  here. Wow, you guys really DO care about Jay Leno’s first guests. Or, I should say, you really, really don’t like some of them, do you? Had no idea you felt so strongly  – as ever, thanks for commenting.  Since Jay is back next week, I’m thinking beforehand we might toss out some of the other guests — possibly less objectionable —  just to gauge your tune-in meter. Because apparently Simon, Sarah and those Jersey Boys (and Girls) aren’t gonna do it for you.  In general news, we have a baby announcement from someone who’s had a few (babies,  that is) –  actor Gary Busey  – age 65.  Gary and girlfriend Steffanie Sampson ( 40) are thrilled to have brought Luke Samson Busey  (tipping  the scales at six pounds, seven ounces) into the world. Gary’s also the father of Jake, who arrived in 1971. Congratulations. In  daytime news, it seems Snoop Dogg is appearing on  “One Life To Live” – for the second time as a guest star. He’s going to act and sing a new song today. The mega-successful rapper explains he was always a big fan of OLTL growing up, and he’s long had an affinity for the popular drama, set in the picturesque town of Llanview.  In TV News with a Medical Bent:  we have reports that  Charlie Sheen will be taking a leave of absence from his hit show “Two And A Half Men” – in order to go into drug & alcohol rehab as a “preventive measure”. In other TV News with a Medical Bent: it seems Kiefer Sutherland’s on his way out of a medical facility and back to his hit show. The actor was given a clean bill of health after  kidney surgery which halted production on  “24”. He and the show have been given the A-OK to start shooting again, so get ready for  more of  Jack Bauer taking on terrorists, counterterrorists, counter-counterterrorists and any other baddies who pose a threat to the US of A. Speaking of baddies, I’ve been participating in lots of discussions lately about movie bad guys. As in, what makes a great villain, who plays a great villain, can an actor who plays a great villain ever play anything else, etc. Nor do I mean the characters – this is all about the guys who play them (and you’ll note these fellas play lots of them because they’re pretty awesome). So now voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these actors is your favorite bad guy?

1)    Sir Anthony Hopkins

2)    Alan Rickman

3)    Jack Nicholson

4)    Jason Isaacs

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