Angelina Jolie & Patricia Cornwell’s Angry Mob

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It’s Friday, and we start our blog today with an obituary. Sad news for fans of TV’s “Growing Pains”. One of its stars, Andrew Koenig, the 41-year-old son of actor Walter Koenig (the original Chekov on “Star Trek”) apparently took his own life in Vancouver this week. Koenig played Kirk Cameron’s best friend Richard Stabone,  and was suffering from depression prior to his death; our condolences go out to Andrew’s family at this time. Now, moving on to cheerier  (or at least absurd-er)  fare: here’s some Hollywood casting news that apparently has lots of people in a tizzy. If you’re familiar with Patricia Cornwell’s bestselling Kay Scarpetta  crime thrillers, you may also know that the extremely lucrative franchise is headed for the big screen. The only problem among Scarpetta fans now is the movie’s casting choice. Angelina Jolie has been tapped to play the middle-aged Medical Examiner.  The problem? The lovely actress is apparently too that, and Cornwell fans are crying foul. They say she’s too young (Jolie’s 34),  and way too exotically stunning. They’re also saying AJ’s too thin.  Filmmakers say she’s the perfect choice, especially since Jodie Foster passed on the role. This outcry, while diverting, will likely blow over  for several reasons. A) Does anyone remember how all the insane Twi-Hards took to the streets complaining bitterly at the initial casting of “ugly” Robert Pattinson — saying the movie would bomb and no one would see it? Exactly. And  B) fans of a book, even a huge book, tend not to dictate casting where A-list megastars are concerned. So we’ll check back and see who pickets the film’s opening. Speaking of openings, your new weekend  movie options are as follows. In wide release you have two choices: first, The Crazies. This, a remake of the George Romero horror movie about a sheriff dealing with something toxic in the water stars “Deadwood”’s Timothy Olyphant and looks scary as hell. It will probably also make tons of money. The other big opening this weekend?  Cop Out, the buddy comedy with  Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan & Seann William Scott (and some really foulmouthed children). Also looks to be popular. While we’re at it, let’s talk about Bruce Willis. He brings a certain charm to an awful lot of roles he plays. With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of Bruce’s films is your favorite?

1)    Die Hard

2)    Pulp Fiction

3)    The Sixth Sense

4)    The Whole Nine Yards

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