What’s Your Favorite Download of All Time?

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It’s Wednesday. Holy smokes, but you people are outspoken when it comes to DWTS’ Tenth Season Stars. As ever,  thanks for your feedback. Seems you’re not all that psyched about some of the contenders  mentioned.  Don’t worry, we’ll still be asking you about the others down the road.  Although, it turns out somebody was watching “The Bachelor” (or maybe folks just tuned in for the DWTS announcement) – oh say, maybe 15 million of you and your closest friends thought you’d make ABC’s day with  a whopping turnout on the Jake/Vienna/Tenley  situation.  It’s fair to say that at the very least, regardless of your feeling about some of its “Stars”,  this next season of DWTS will be an entertaining one. Now, in news of the less-than-savory sort, seems Naomi Campbell may have lost her temper once again and someone’s going to tell on her. Allegedly, the supermodel assaulted her limo driver, before bolting from the Escalade he was driving in midtown Manhattan. Who knows what’ll happen next (you’ll recall, this is not Nay-Nay’s first run-in with the authorities). In “American Idol” news, everyone’s hoping Crystal Bowersox is going to be ok (docs say she will, they just didn’t want her performing last night) which prompted the unusual switcheroo resulting in 10 fellas doing their thing on the show instead of the gals – stay tuned for Crystal & Co.  tonight. And while we’re on the subject of tunes, you know that  last week someone actually hit “buy” for ITunes’ 10 billionth download. BILLIONTH! (If you’re wondering, the song was Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way”and the guy behind the download won himself a $10,000 ITunes Gift Card). Which made us wonder – what are the most frequently downloaded songs on ITunes? So we checked. Here are the top 4 acts on ITunes most downloaded tracks of all time. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which one of these tunes is your favorite:

1)    The Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeeling

2)    Lady Gaga; Poker Face

3)    Jason Mraz: I’m Yours

4)    Coldplay: Viva la Vida

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