Oscars: Who Was Best Dressed?

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Wow. What an Oscar night it was…from The Hurt Locker’s six (6) wins to Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin’s funny (if sometimes lengthy/awkward)  tag team of hosts…to Kathryn Bigelow taking home the very first LADY Director trophy EVER and Jeff ‘The Dude’ Bridges winning the one many feel he has long deserved. We had  George Clooney’s strangely (although one guesses, scripted) serious demeanor and a misfire from the normally hilarious Ben Stiller. Christoph Waltz from Inglourious Basterds and Monique from Precious surprised no one with their trophies. Did you watch? Did you like? This year they tried to pull out all the stops and attract multiple audiences. There were hot young guys (like Chris Pine & Ryan Reynolds & Bradley Cooper ) for the ladies, werewolves  and werewolf buddies (Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart) and the actors we typically associate with them (Zac Efron ) for the young and the Twi-Moms. There were older beloveds with the big prizes (Tom Hanks & Barbra Streisand & Oprah) to lend an air of gravitas to the whole thing. There were  great huge Busby Berkeley style dance numbers, followed by other just plain odd modern dance numbers that many people (including this viewer ) didn’t understand. Sandra Bullock (see today’s dress poll) gave a pretty classy acceptance speech and kind of ruled with it, Queen Latifah was poised and looked amazing. Neil Patrick Harris came and made people laugh for a moment before disappearing altogether, and The Hurt Locker managed to beat out the highest-grossing film ever in a total David & Goliath scenario. Avatar did win some awards, but none of the big ones that many felt the megajuggernaut  could easily take home. Before we get to today’s poll, Alice in Wonderland did indeed  – as expected – come away  box office champ and with over $116 million dollars in the bank this weekend,  turned out  to be the biggest moneymaker for a  spring opening weekend. Ever.  But back to last night. We’ll let you know just how many people tuned in, but for now, let’s get to what’s really the most important part of the Academy Awards: the clothing. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these ladies sported your favorite look?

1) Sandra Bullock

2) Zoe Saldana

3) Penelope Cruz

4) Queen Latifah

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