Betty White & 4 Young Stars Who Mean Business

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It’s Friday… ready for your weekend? Because we finally have some good news. And we need it, in light of what’s been a tough couple of weeks for Hollywood. First of all, we don’t always hear the words “grassroots campaign” and “successful” when it comes to TV (usually, people launch them when one of their favorite shows gets canceled and only once in a while do their letters – or truckloads of peanuts – make any kind of difference).  But here’s one that worked. It’s official: much beloved 88-year-old Betty White will indeed be hosting “SNL” on May the 8th – which coincides nicely with Mother’s Day. So mark your calendars for some May must-see late-night TV viewing. Then we have another broadcast coming up – this one about some amazing young stars who decided to climb a mountain for clean water. You’ll definitely want to check it out (and we already know Justin Timberlake’s planning to, since he’ll be introducing the program on MTV this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT).  It’s a pretty astounding documentary called “Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro”, and the people in it have quite an incredible story to tell. This past January at the PCA’s you probably recall hearing about the campaign to provide clean, safe drinking water to kids around the world. As in, that which so many of us take for granted is something that almost a billion people go without every day. Thus, PCA has partnered up with Children’s Safe Drinking Water and a few intrepid young stars who decided to make a difference. In a big way. And it turns out, they really did. Grammy-nominated musician Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, and actors Jessica Biel and Emile Hirsch and a few of their pals decided to climb the legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro (which is the tallest peak in Africa) in order to raise awareness of the global clean water crisis. The group made the 6-day 50-mile trek and we get to watch it all unfold in Sunday’s broadcast. Summit on the Summit’s  brought to you by the people at PUR Water Filtration who believe that Everyone Deserves Clean Water. It’s a pretty great cause, and one that all of us can easily get behind. If you want to help out, it’s easy. Just go to and become a fan. And while you’re at it, let us know what you think about Sunday’s movie. For now, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these 4 Kilimanjaro climbers is your favorite.

1)    Jessica Biel

2)    Lupe Fiasco

3)    Emile Hirsch

4)    Kenna

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