R.I.P. Peter Graves & “Friends” Star To Wed

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Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Tim Burton, Johnny Depp & their pal Alice in Wonderland sure did. She triumphed at the box office once again, earning $62 million clams for her creators, also disproving naysayers who thought she was a flash in the magic pan. That film now has  $209 million bucks to its name. Do those numbers seem as unreal to you as they seem to me?  Plus, 3 brand new movies opened this weekend: a) Green Zone, (a.k.a. Bourne #4, with Matt Damon starring as a man with a machine gun & a mission), b) She’s Out of My League (young dorky guy, ultra-hot girl, less-than-polite jokes, aimed at the Superbad crowd),  and c) Remember Me (romantic drama with super-cute Rob Pattinson, super-cute Emilie De Ravin and one super-questionable spoiler ending that may make you feel very manipulated). All 3 of these newbies performed below expectations at their local cineplex. In other movie & TV news we have another obituary, although at least it can be said that actor Peter Graves enjoyed an extremely long and illustrious career  before passing away at age 83. The  distinguished, grey-haired star of the original TV series “Mission: Impossible” was  perhaps best known to today’s audiences as the pilot in the 1980 comedy Airplane! who asked young Joey if he liked “gladiator movies”. Graves hosted A&E’s “Biography” series, among other shows, and was coincidentally the brother of “Gunsmoke” star James Arness. So a fond farewell.  Happy birthday Twi-Hunk Kellan Lutz, who is 25 today. Plus, here’s some nuptial news: “Friends” star David Schwimmer has announced that he’s finally going to tie the knot. (Cute Ross is 43 in real life). He’ll be marrying Zoe Buckman, a 24-year-old photographer he met while directing Run FatBoy Run in England. Schwimmer is directing quite a bit these days, in contrast to the other 5 original  “Friends” cast members, who have mostly opted to act. With varying degrees of success and/or time spent grabbing headlines. Nor does anyone know why the girls from the show have fared better in their post-Friends endeavors than their boy costars. So while we’re on that topic , why don’t you voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which one of these “Friends” fellows is your favorite?

1)    David Schwimmer

2)    Matthew Perry

3)    Matt LeBlanc

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