DWTS Bows, Borat Weds & Oprah’s Shoes

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It’s Tuesday. Happy Birthday  Catherine Keener and Keri Russell. Did you catch the kickoff of “Dancing With The Stars”? (So maybe it really is Evan or Nicole’s to lose…) We will of course be checking back weekly and finding out where your hoofer loyalties lie. But first, want to see the film that nabbed Sandra Bullock her Best Actress Oscar? At home? With your own popcorn? You can, because The Blind Side ‘s out on DVD this week –and even though it might be complicated to figure out the winning odds on DWTS, I am absolutely, mathematically, 100% certain Sandy’s star turn here is going to do gangbusters on DVD. In other movie news, let’s turn to one of those actors who manages  to horrify and delight viewers simultaneously, all the while making fun of, well, us. Talking about Sacha Baron Cohen – better known in some circles as “Borat” and (to far less appreciative audiences) as “Bruno”. Apparently in real life Cohen’s a veddy cultured & pretty fancy Brit, and it turns out he’s just become something else —  a husband. Cohen and actress Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) tied the knot in Paris last week after 8 years together. They’ve also got a little girl named Olive. Congratulations, Cohens! In news with a  nostalgic twist, it seems Jane Fonda is back and ready to kick people’s you-know-what’s on May 1st, where she’ll be hosting the planet’s first ever World Fitness Day. Speaking of hosts, funnyman and “Parks & Recreation” star Aziz Ansari has signed on to host the 2010 MTV Movie Awards (on June 6th). Plus, Rosie O’Donnell is now talking about her brand new comeback-making TV show, saying it’s going to be  “a single topic, hour-long show about life, love and laughter.”  Now she goes back on the airwaves right around the time Oprah signs off, and it’s also safe to say that lots of people will be trying to grab some of Oprah’s spotlight. With this in mind, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these ladies you’d most like to see filling  Oprah’s shoes when she leaves in 2011?

1)    Ellen DeGeneres

2)    Rosie O’Donnell

3)    Bonnie Hunt

4)    Tyra Banks

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