You Can Watch 1 Show: Pick your Favorite

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So it’s Wednesday. Happy Birthday to PCA faves Alyson Hannigan and Jim Parsons.You know who else has a b-day today? The late, great Steve McQueen. One of the silver screen’s more rugged, hunky, mysterious, badass, aloof, funny and totally charismatic actors — who encapsulated a generation and managed to inspire countless others (we can think of a few leading men who owe a thing or two to him, can you?) Speaking of the male mystique — and what it takes to make zillions and zillions of women swoon – and then buy DVDsNew Moon went on sale this past weekend and boy, did it sell. The second film in the Twilight Saga even blew away its predecessor in first weekend sales, moving over 4 million DVDs! Not bad for a couple of cute but very serious kids in a rainy town fighting off baddies while they wait (along with the rest of us) through 3/4s of the film for the hot guy to return for  6 minutes. Did you watch “American Idol”? And if so, are you wondering about the whole Miley Cyrus guest-mentor thing? In other reality TV news, here’s something new. Do you love Paula Abdul? How about Kenny Ortega (the mastermind behind High School Musical and This Is It, just for starters). If you are a fan, that’s good – because it looks like this pair’s really got  something cooking. Maybe it’s a brand new reality show all about flash mobs. Really. Apparently that’s the latest, er, guess about Paula Abdul’s next career move. We’ll keep you posted. Now obviously reality TV is huge with or without Paula Abdul (I happen to think it’s more fun to have her around). And doesn’t the whole DVR/Tivo thing make it that much easier to get addicted to several shows at once? Now let’s try and recall a time when you couldn’t just watch anything you wanted at any time (and this from a blogger who actually convinced her parents to buy “The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller” on VHS just so she could watch his famous ‘Grammy Moonwalk’ daily). How long could we survive nowadays without lots of different TV at our fingertips, 24/7? Thus for today’s poll, let’s just say you can watch one (1) show all summer. As many times as you want, as many episodes as you like, but just one show. You can’t watch anything else. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know, if you could only watch episodes of a single TV show for the entire summer, which of these would you choose?

1)    American Idol

2)    Dancing With The Stars

3)    House

4)    Supernatural

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