Coolest Wheels In Hollywood?

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Boy did you all have a LOT to say about what you’d watch if you could only watch one (1) show. Thanks for your feedback. First up, happy birthday to Elton John, Katharine McPhee and Sarah Jessica Parker. Plus you might want to send “American Idol” castoff Paige Miles a little pick-me-up card, since she may have a bit of downtime ahead. Also in the music realm, it seems Lady Gaga’s got several  music videos out there and lots of followers, and now she’s set a brand new kind of record (now don’t go thinking something inappropriate). Who knew she’d be the first artist to have ONE BILLION online video views? Not even sure what to say to that achievement, so let’s move on to another lady who’s also keeping her place in the spotlight: Sarah Palin. The Alaska Governor, VP candidate, bestselling memoirist & Fox commentator has taken on yet another endeavor, this time a TV show for Discovery Channel. It’ll be titled (not surprisingly) “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, and if you’re one of those people who likes adventure & the great outdoors (as opposed to adventure & the great indoors) and you’re into the whole frontier thing, this one’s definitely worth checking out. Reps say the program  “will center on interesting characters, traditions and attractions in the 49th state — with the ex-VP candidate as a guide.”  Stay tuned. We turn now to an obituary, the actor Robert Culp, perhaps best known as Bill Cosby’s other half in the secret agent show “I Spy”, which ran from 1965-68. Culp passed away this week at age 79, following an extremely long career (older folks remember him from “I Spy” and “Columbo”, while the younger set may recall he was Patricia Heaton’s dad on “Everybody Loves Raymond”) RIP, Mister C. Also a little something about the late, great Steve McQueen – who had a birthday yesterday. See, if you’ve been missing him a great deal this week, and you’d like a little keepsake to remember him by, and you also happen to have $1.295 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket or pocketbook, it’ll be problem solved. The King of Cool’s 208S Siata Spyder is now being offered for sale in California, and “The Little Ferrari” as he called it, was one of his favorites. Also, if you do happen to buy it, another fun fact is that there were only 35 of the Italian speed machines built. If you don’t buy it, we’d still like you to weigh in on famous Hollywood cars. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which one of these vehicles  – and the movie or TV show in which they star – is your favorite:

1)    Bullitt

2)    Back to The Future

3)    Starsky & Hutch

4)  Knight Rider

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