Kids, Bye Bye “24” & Your Favorite Smart Action Heroes

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It’s Monday. Back to the grind. This weekend it was all about the kids…first, Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards featured lots of slime & appearances from Adam Sandler,  Katy Perry, Kevin James, Rihanna and a very special one from…wait for it…because the shrieking kids couldn’t …Justin Bieber (told you we’d talk about him this week). And the movie in theaters that did box office boffo? It was  How to Train Your Dragon — with  $43 million dollars. Of course right behind this brand new release we have Alice in Wonderland, which still seems pretty unsinkable. Turns out when it comes to the weekend, the kids really do know how to have fun. Now tonight? We have “Dancing With The Stars” kicking off Week Two.  Maybe this week things’ll get a little more interesting.  Even though – you heard it here – it’s sooooo Evan or Nicole’s to lose. Just saying. Do you agree?  In other TV news, it seems the long-running, much ballyhooed series “24”  is now officially out of time. The show, starring Kiefer Sutherland, has fallen prey to  what they like to call “audience fatigue”. This  just means everyone reached for the clicker when they used to be glued to Jack Bauer taking on the baddies,  one multinational/digital/interplanetary/nuclear catastrophic conspiracy at a time. According to reports the show will take its final bow in May. Although of course we still have the “24” movie to look forward to…which brings us to today’s poll. Let’s look at popular action/thriller franchises spearheaded by a particularly unforgettable, often complicated hero. Who defies seemingly ridiculous odds to save a girl, human liberty, or a planet. Now, for the purposes of this poll we’re not looking at ones with big casting changes like Sean/Roger/George/Timothy/Pierce/Daniel’s James  Bond or Alec/Harrison/Ben’s Jack Ryan. We’re just sticking to the one guy/one movie movies. Of the smart & resourceful variety. So…with “24” now moving on to what could become mega movie franchise status, which of these three existing action/thriller series is your current favorite:

1)    Die Hard

2)    Indiana Jones

3)    Bourne

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