DWTS’ First Exit; More Twilight On The Way!

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Happy Birthday Ewan McGregor and Christopher Walken! Now, judging from your comments on yesterday’s poll, we can’t tell if you voted for the “Dancing With The Stars” star you thought would get kicked off, or for the one you really wanted to get kicked off. But what’s super clear is that you really aren’t crazy about Kate Gosselin. That said, they love to stir the pot on these shows, and for that reason – because she gets everyone revved up and hot under the collar (especially poor Tony Dovolani ) —  they’ll probably keep Kate around for a while just to irritate everyone. Watch and see! So who got sent packing last night? (Beware: spoiler ahead). One Shannen Doherty. OMG. Who said, in conclusion: “Dancing has never been my thing,” Apparently not. But hey, she’s still a wonderful actress. Now who’s next? Will Buzz Aldrin squeak by? In other news…if you’re a fan of “Lost” (and even if you’re not) you probably know the show’s headed for its long-awaited series finale May 23rd. This is prime real estate for advertisers, because they’re expecting huge viewership. Just how prime is it? Well, say you want to propose to your sweetie on national television during the last “Lost”. You might just be able to – if you felt like spending $900,000 for 30 seconds on the air. That’s half a minute or, em,  $30,000  a second of prime advertising time. But that’s what it costs to be a part of something so hugely popular. While we’re talking popular, we have MAJOR Twi-news: author Stephenie Meyer has announced that she’ll be releasing her new novella  “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” on June 5th with proceeds to benefit the Red Cross. For those of you who don’t know, Bree Tanner is one of the vamps introduced in Eclipse (third Twilight movie, which opens in theatres June 30th). You know, with all this Twi-talk perhaps it’s time to take your pulse and see just how you’re feeling about the whole darn Saga itself these days.  We want to know where you stand with the whole vamps, werewolves & Bella scenario. Especially since there are two movies out and another two (but probably three) ahead. With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of the 4 books from the Twilight Saga is currently your favorite:

1)    Twilight

2)    New Moon

3)    Eclipse

4)    Breaking Dawn

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