Sheen Leaves 2.5, Pick Your Weekend Movie

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Happy Friday, and as we kick off the Easter weekend, some news bits from the land of entertainment. First: two well-known, award-winning actors are reportedly saying adieu to their very successful & long-running TV shows. Now as you know we’re not the type to ask “why’, especially when a celebrity’s had his or her fair share of controversy of a year. So we’ll simply say that Charlie Sheen and “Two  and a Half Men” will be parting ways after the April 9th taping of the show. Not a ton of additional info here, other than the usual “he wants to pursue other things” stuff. But he will certainly be missed. Our second big departure? After 16 years, S. Epatha Merkerson has decided to leave “Law & Order”. She too, has said that it was an emotional decision (after all, the Emmy-winning actress did pour her heart and soul into Lt. Van Buren for oh, say, the life of an eleventh grader –  that’s a pretty sizable commitment by anyone’s standards). So a fond farewell  to a couple of small screen giants. On the flip side, we have news that a certain ABC show has been picked up for another season. Seems “Castle” is more popular than ever, and thus stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic will get to play out their will-they-or-won’t- they roles for at least another 22 weeks.  So that’s TV. Now, on to  movies – because it is the weekend after all.  (And we know SNL’s a repeat). For those of you craving a movie in the “brand spanking new “ category, you basically have three choices. First, Clash of the Titans. This remake of the 1981 myth-based flick (which starred Harry Hamlin) features Sam Worthington, of Avatar fame —  the Aussie actor who’s turning out to be the go-to guy of CGI-enhanced action films. Clash is expected to do phenomenally well and is available in 2 and 3D. But we’re pretty sure you already know all about this near-certain blockbuster. Then we have The Last Song, starring Miley Cyrus for the Nicholas Sparks-loving, romantic-drama-craving  crowd. Also slated to fare very well. And finally, another Tyler Perry feature Why Did I Get Married Too – starring Janet Jackson among others – and the word is that this too will clean up at the box office. With all  of these movies expected to draw crowds at the cineplex,  let’s take your moviegoing temperature. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which one of these three new movies you’ll see first this weekend:

1) Clash of the Titans

2) The Last Song

3) Why Did I Get Married Too

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