Bye-Bye Buzz & Russell Crowe’s Best Film?

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Wednesday. Right off the bat, Buzz Aldrin  — we kind of thought that was going to happen —  was the latest casualty on “Dancing With The Stars”. The 80-year-old former astronaut said farewell to reality TV and hopefully returns now to a more dignified path (nothing on reality TV, but this guy made his debut on  technically not another planet, but on an enormous orbiting body that revolves around the earth. If that doesn’t give him some kind of Cool Pass, I’m not sure what does). For every one of you who wanted to see Kate Gosselin go down (or go home)  here’s the thing – the people who create this kind of addictive television  actually love your outrage. The worse she behaves, the better, far as they’re concerned. Oh she may very well get sent packing next week, but for now, everyone’s still riled up because the nice old guy went home and KG’s free to roam (and dance), wreaking havoc  & causing as much irritation as she wants. Speaking of Kate Gosselin – and you know we try to steer clear of the gossip – here’s something so bizarre & delicious it actually merits a mention. How about Lindsey Lohan’s dad Michael (50), reportedly engaged to Kate Major (27) – who happens to be Jon Gosselin’s ex-gal  pal?  We don’t make this stuff up…just sharing that with you, however salacious and tabloid-ey it may seem. Similarly, we won’t dwell on the fact that Jim Carrey and his gf of five years Jenny McCarthy have called it quits –  the only reason it seems worth mentioning is that both parties actually tweeted this fact – so they must’ve wanted someone to know. Now to something more upbeat. And fun. What better topic than “Idol”? And the fact that the one-and-only Adam Lambert is going to serve as guest mentor on AI’s  April 13th episode. Now he’s the type of guest, if you ask me, who may just provide “Idol” with precisely the kind of pizazz it needs right about now. And finally, let’s turn our attention to today’s birthdays. As in, Jackie Chan turns 56, James Garner is 82, Francis Ford Coppola is 71, and Bill Bellamy is 45. Any other big actor types? Any other Oscar-winning hunks who may or may not have let their tempers get the better of them? Oh look, here’s one: Russell Crowe is 46 today. And since we’ve always been fans of this guy’s undeniable talent and ability to disappear into roles, let’s make him the subject of today’s poll. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these Russell Crowe films is your favorite:

1)    Gladiator

2)    A Beautiful Mind

3)    Proof of Life

4)    The Insider

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