Bestselling Books to Movies: Part 1

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Happy Thursday. Happy Birthday Robin Wright Penn and Patricia Arquette. And congrats to Juno screenwriter  and “United States of Tara”  creator Diablo Cody — who tweets that she is indeed preggers.  Speaking of talented ladies, we’ve got more Tina Fey on the way – she’ll be appearing on SNL  this weekend and word is, she’ll be impersonating bestselling author, governor , VP-candidate & now TV host Sarah Palin. We also have an obituary today: upper-crust English actor Christopher Casenove  has died at age 64. Now his name may not ring an immediate bell, but he did  play the devious brother of another recently deceased star – John Forsythe – on the series “Dynasty”. Casenove was Ben Carrington, Blake’s scheming & unscrupulous sibling. In music news, next week there’s something happening called  Record Store Day – and if you’ve ever bought vinyl at a little old record store you can probably appreciate this tradition because on R.S.D.  2010 hundreds and of independent record stores across the US will get together and artists (like the Rolling Stones, Muse, Modest Mouse, etc) will celebrate by releasing special one-of-a-kind recordings for purchase. We’ll talk about it again next week, and you may not even care about R.S.D., (nor might  there be any independent record stores left in your area). Still,  at least you’re in the know about this nationwide music phenom that’s all about the ‘pre-chain’ era. Moving on,  let’s go to movies. Did you see Dreamgirls? Did you see Gods & Monsters? (Pretty good chance you saw the one, the other was a very small movie – both were directed by a man named Bill Condon).  It turns out that after much speculation Summit Entertainment (aka the studio behind the Twilight Saga)  may (and that’s a very big may) have settled on Mr. Condon for the upcoming Breaking Dawn.  This is the fourth installment of the Twilight books  & it’s considered the most difficult to adapt , because it’s very long and extremely graphic. Thus insiders are saying it’ll  likely become two movies, and  Condon may  just be the guy who gets to bring them to the big screen. Although if we know one thing about Hollywood – where a ton of money is concerned – it’s that everything could change in a heartbeat. Which brings me to today’s poll —  about adapting bestselling romances for the big screen. And since we’ve already talked about Twilight, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, let’s look at  others that got made into movies. Here are 4 to consider. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these movies – based on a bestselling romance – is your favorite:
1)    Bridget Jones’ Diary
2)    The Notebook
3)    The English Patient
4) The Bridges of Madison County

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