R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren & Love Boat vs. Fantasy Island?

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Happy Friday! According to yesterday’s poll, you all really, really liked The Notebook (what’s not to like?) And for those of you who wanted The Princess Bride included  (who wouldn’t?) it wasn’t on the list of romance flicks because it wasn’t adapted from a huge bestseller (which also explains the absence of Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally, Shakespeare In Love, etc). Now today we have a music obituary: Malcolm McLaren  – the flamboyant English visionary who allegedly “invented” punk rock, has died at age  64. You might be familiar with two of Malcolm’s ‘creations’, the Sex Pistols and Bow Wow Wow —  bands whose fame was as attributable to their music as it was to their wild antics and behavior. McLaren’s influence on pop culture was huge, and can still be seen today. As a matter of fact, headlining this summer’s Lollapalooza music festival is a prime example: Lady Gaga. This mistress of outlandish getup and brazen performance definitely owes him, big time. (Lollapalooza’s that huge outdoor festival in Chicago that that will take place August 6th-8th). Other headliners at Lollapalooza include Green Day, Arcade Fire, Phoenix, and Soundgarden – as well as about a zillion other cool acts. Now since today’s Friday, you might be thinking about catching a movie, and you have a few options. Clash of The Titans, Alice in Wonderland, Why Did I Get Married Too and How to Train Your Dragon continue to rake in the cash (and quite a bit of good buzz) but if you’re in the mood for a brand spanking new comedy, you have only one choice: Date Night, the new Tina Fey/ Steve Carell movie about an evening out gone very wrong. It looks pretty funny, too. And now for a little bit of (good) TV news, the entire cast of “The Love Boat” will reportedly reunite for the 8th annual TVLand Awards to air April 25th. Tim Allen will host the event, and Captain Stubing, Gopher, Doc, Julie McCoy and the rest of the gang – plus  Charo, too,  for reasons that remain unclear —  will be on hand. Did you ever watch “Love Boat”? I was certainly a fan, and the mere mention of this reunion got me  thinking about other shows of that same ilk (and time period). With this in mind, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these classic shows is your favorite:

1)    The Love Boat

2)    The Brady Bunch

3)    The Partridge Family

4)     Fantasy Island

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