DWTS Shocker/ Bye-Bye, Ugly Betty…

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Happy Wednesday. The big news of course is “DWTS” and what some are calling the “shocking” elimination round . Because yesterday on “Dancing With The Stars” what everyone thought would happen absolutely positively didn’t (caution: dangerous spoilers ahead; read on at your own risk). See, hunky soap star Aiden Turner got sent packing …and you know why, right? Because every time people talk about how much Kate Gosselin bugs them, she (and ABC) wins! They (Kate & the “DWTS” producers)  eat this stuff up  …and they are beyond thrilled when they see viewers clenching  their teeth in disgust, wishing she’d just make poor Tony Dovolani’s day and go home to those kids. Not gonna happen this week. Now, that’s the magic of television!  Speaking of what some feel is absolutely magical television, did you happen to catch the premiere of “Glee”? We’ll be talking more about the returning characters – and the hot new castmembers & budding romances  — next week. Plus, later  this week you’re going to want to know about a brand new caper movie called Secrets of the Mountain which promises a return to the family movie night experience (who didn’t love that? I totally did.) Now today, as you’re going about your day, if you happen to pass Brad Garrett, Abigail Breslin, Adrien Brody,  Sarah Michelle Gellar or Julie Christie on the street,  don’t forget to wish them a happy birthday. Meanwhile, if you happen to pass bandleader Kevin Eubanks on the street, wish him a fond farewell as he’s leaving  Jay Leno. NBC has announced that Rickey Minor, music director for “American Idol” is replacing Eubanks and will take over in June once “Idol” finishes. BTW, what do you make of the whole Elvis thing? We’ll talk more about “Idol” next week, especially as they winnow it down. In great-TV-that ‘s-leaving-the-airwaves-today news, we have of course “Ugly Betty”, the award-winning (and genuinely groundbreaking) show starring America Ferrera and an incredible cast . The show was smart, funny & defied color, race, and gender boundaries,while it brought
a plucky and lovable heroine into our living rooms for four years. Maybe it was time, but the show will certainly be missed. In fact, let’s make Ugly Betty the focus of today’s poll. With this in mind, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Ugly Betty stars you’ll miss the most?

1) America Ferrera

2) Eric Mabius

3) Vanessa Williams

4) Michael Urie

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