Idol Exits & Pick The New Footloose Star

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Happy um, Taxday. After all the nail biting surrounding “DWTS”,  it now turns out Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia are not going any further on “American Idol”. They’re out. Was it brutal? Kind of. Will they tour/stay involved/continue to reap the enormous benefits that getting this far pretty much guarantees? Yep. Sure they will. Reportedly 34 million people voted. Or at least, there were 34 million votes. Maybe TV is alive and well. In other news, CNN host Larry King is getting a divorce – for the seventh time. Wife Shawn Southwick King married Larry in 1997;  he’s 76 now & she’s 50. They have two kids. Not a lot of info given out except that King is asking the court NOT to grant her spousal support.  Nor are we likely to get much deeper into this case – his seventh divorce, her fourth, looks like a bad sitch  — as long as the kids are taken care of, do we really need to know too much more?  Moving on, Mel Gibson’s decided to call it quits with his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Apparently Gibson’s in Mexico shooting his latest movie,  “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” (insert snide comments here) but we’re told that the two are still friendly and plan to raise their baby daughter amicably. Not trying to get all glass half-full here, but this story seems slightly more upbeat than the last one. Speaking of breakups, every time we see a tabloid (not that I ever do; only once in a blue moon at the doctor’s office) there’s always something about Brad & Angie breaking up. So the couple’s determined to showcase the small fry, which now includes the two tiniest brood members, Knox & Vivienne. This big show of solidarity does absolutely nothing to convince me one way or the other about the parents’ situation. It does however, convince me that despite what they may be going through,  B & A  have nonetheless managed  to adopt & produce the cutest kids on the planet, if the latest photos are any indication. Just sayin’. OK, earlier this week we told you both Zac Efron and Chace Crawford had dropped out of the Footloose remake. The word now is they’re going to find an “unknown” for the role. But what if the People Could Choose here?  Thus, (rather than discuss whether there should even be a Footloose remake in the first place) here are 4 names to consider. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll; YOU be the casting director and tell us which of these guys you’d hire to fill Kevin Bacon’s shoes in the Footloose remake?

1)    Emile Hirsch

2)    Dev Patel

3)    Corey Monteith

4)    Taylor Lautner

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