Secrets of the Mountain: TV’s Cool New Adventure Flick

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‘Happy Friday…hope you’re ready for your weekend . Did you pay your taxes? Apparently Pamela Anderson didn’t. Or at least she forgot to write out that check… for $493, 000 which is what she currently owes. Well, she’s human,  give her a break, everyone falls behind. And she’s busy with all that dancing.  (BUT:  if those are the kinds of taxes you’re paying, shouldn’t you also have the cash somewhere to hire someone else to keep track of all of that stuff and maybe even hand you a pen and your checkbook once in a while?) Anyway, back to movies, because it’s Friday. Right off the bat we have two in theatres and another one you can watch without setting foot outside your home! Have you heard about Kick-Ass? The regular/ordinary kids who become superheroes even though they posses none of the strengths or skills? I know if this movie had come out when I was kid I most certainly would not have been allowed to see any film with the word “ass” in the title! (Let one alone featuring some of the language that’s got everyone up in arms  — if you’re a parent you might want to check out what other parents are saying here).  On the other hand, if you’re a 14-year old boy, we’r e pretty sure you’re gonna move heaven and earth to get to the cineplex for this thing. Which is one of the reasons why Kick-Ass will probably do very nicely this weekend. Another big movie opening in theatres?  Death at a Funeral – which is a remake of an English film of the same title that came out about 35 minutes ago. No, really, about 3 years but it still makes you wonder why they did it so soon. Still, the original was quite popular and chances are when you make anything with Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan and Martin Lawrence  (with help from Luke Wilson) you’re bound to get some laughs. Which I suspect this will. So those are two of the movies opening in theatres, this next one’s our fave for the week. The third cool movie to come along isn’t actually in theatres…in fact, it’s on TV and it’s on tonight so there’s one more good reason to stay home and relax and catch  Secrets of the Mountain. The other reason?  It’s a caper movie about a single mom with three kids who move  to a remote mountain, only to discover that the land holds some very big secrets – which make the property extremely desirable to well, let’s just say undesirables. A pretty good mystery, to boot.  I’ll check it out, largely because  there’s tons of buzz saying it’s one of those good old-fashioned  adventures,  and also because they hooked me with three words: “buried Aztec treasure”. Now, the other plus? This is exactly the kind of movie everyone used to watch with their families – when families used to do that sort of thing – so it marks a return to family movie night. Who’s not up for that? Looks good. Will you tune in ?  Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of the cast members from Secrets of the Mountain you’re most excited about seeing:

1)    Paige Turco

2)    Barry Bostwick

3)    Adelaide Kane

4) Crawford Wilson

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