DWTS: Which star is going home tonight?

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Happy Tuesday! Which means of course that another “DWTS” elimination round looms before us. Will tonight be the night when a certain someone is encouraged to abandon her hopes for a mirror ball and return to her (admittedly, very cute) children and ANOTHER reality show? We’ll see.

But first, gotta tell you about an astonishing event I attended last night with Fred (PCA Prez) in New York City. It was an evening organized by a group called Our Time, a really groundbreaking group dedicated to helping children who stutter. Our Time’s been around nearly ten years, and they have this incredible summer camp where kids lives are transformed  —  giving them confidence and poise so they don’t feel awkward about speaking in public. The evening honored Carly Simon, who herself suffered from a stutter as a child, and who managed to overcome it and become one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time. The whole evening was just astonishing, and if you stutter, or you have or know a child who does, you might want to check out this amazing organization http://www.ourtimetheatre.org.

In TV news, “Glee” is on tonight – and it’s the one we’ve all been waiting for – the all-Madonna episode. So you might wanna tune in there. Now, of course, it will become a Tivo/DVR or whatever you like to use situation because in its brand new time slot “Glee” goes up against “Dancing With The Stars.” How’s that for competition? So last night on “DWTS” they tried out a “movie theme” – let us know if you think that worked or not, and tonight, someone else is going to head home, mirror ball-free. And remember that the more everyone wants Kate Gosselin to get the boot, the more she may stick around because the people behind these shows LOVE nothing more than to get us all riled up. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll & let us know which DWTS star will go home tonight:

1)    Kate
2)    Jake
3)    Niecy
4)    Chad

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