“Idol” Loses One & Another Star for “Glee”?

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It’s Thursday.We’re almost there. Happy Birthday, Jack Nicholson. Did you catch “American Idol”? Who thinks Tim Urban should have gotten the boot?Judging from your comments in yesterday’s poll, apparently he wasn’t even  a speck on anyone’s radar…so I guess you all thought it was time for him to fly. So let’s talk about movies. Specifically movies where the first actor to get cast in the lead role is not the guy or gal who eventually starred in the movie. In fact, Moviefone’s got a feature where they display famous movie posters, only in place of the star we know, they’ve put a photo of the original actor (who, for whatever reasons, didn’t end up in the movie). For example, did you know Pretty Woman was originally supposed to star Meg Ryan and Al Pacino? And what would  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off have been like – starring Johnny Depp? It seems Kevin Costner’s role in Field of Dreams originally belonged to Tom Hanks, and in place of Keanu Reeves in Speed? That was supposed to be Richard Grieco. Can you envision Will Smith as Neo in The Matrix? That’s how it was initially planned.Plus, Ralph Macchio was cast first in Back To The Future before Michael J, Fox took over  the part …and the rest became history. And my personal favorite:  who was first given the role from Footloose (currently being remade) that Kevin Bacon made famous? That would be Tom Cruise. Who knew he was a hoofer? Speaking of singing and dancing, right now we need to talk about “Glee.”Did you watch the all-Madonna episode this week? It was pretty spectacular, and whether you’re a Madge fan or not (and even a “Glee” fan) if you saw it you’ll probably agree those kids are some of the hardest working actors in showbiz today. Now on to our poll for today. So let’s say you’re one of the creators of “Glee”and you see how popular your Madonna episode was. Then you decide that you want to dedicate an episode down the road to another big star. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these musical icons should have an episode of “Glee” devoted exclusively to them?

1)    Elvis Presley

2)    Dolly Parton

3)    Michael Jackson

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