TV Finale Alert: What’ll You Watch?

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Happy Monday…hope you had an awesome weekend. First up, we’re sending all good wishes to rockstar (and reality star) Bret Michaels, who remains hospitalized in Los Angeles following a brain hemorrhage; his reps say he’s a fighter and we hope he’ll be back on his feet soon.  Happy birthday Carol Burnett, Tom Welling & Channing Tatum. Well, Avatar went on sale last week and has quickly (and not surprisingly) become the year’s best selling DVD.  Did you snap up one of the first 6.7 million copies sold?  Plus, something tells us these numbers are nowhere near complete and that a lot more of those big blue cats will find their way into about a zillion more homes before all is said and done.  Now, if you weren’t home watching Avatar, did get a chance to see any movies in theaters over the last few days?  It would appear that only a few people did, actually, as our weekend box office report’s pretty lackluster with How To Train Your Dragon # 1 again, ahead of a disappointing showing from two newcomers: The Back-Up Plan and The Losers. (Come to think of it, do either of those titles inspire much excitement?  Honestly, I haven’t seen either film  and I’m sure they both have great moments, but when you have active-sounding titles like “Kick-Ass” and “Clash of the Titans” & creatures like “Dragons,”  in theatres, words like “back-up” and “loser” don’t always generate excitement).  Admittedly, that’s kind of Monday Morning Quarterback thinking –   but when you look at the movies everyone’s really excited about, it always seems the ones with  the more upbeat titles do better among moviegoers.  Also popular are the titles that are actually intriguing – like “Lost.” Now here’s a TV show with a name that gets folks hooked.  With millions and millions of fans who cannot believe it’s about to end once and for all – the big finale is May 23rd.  In fact,  we’ve just learned they’re planning to rebroadcast the pilot episode on May 22nd. Did you know that the first “Lost” was the most expensive TV pilot ever made? (If you’re wondering, the bill came to $10 million dollars).  Of course, “Lost” isn’t the only show headed for a landmark finale this year.  Which brings us to today’s question – did you see that one coming?   Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which one of these series’ finales you are most excited about watching:

1. Lost

2. 24

3. The Tudors

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