DWTS: Kate’s Gone – Who’s Next??

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Another Tuesday, another “DWTS” elimination round. With Kate Gosselin gone, who’s next? Major plot thickening on the show, especially in light of Evan Lysacek’s less-than (his usual) top-tier performance last night. Will Nicole Scherzinger now take the (mirror) ball and run with it? Hm. But first, let’s look at a few other happenings in the entertainment arena.  Some  good news for formerly-ailing “Dexter” star Michael C. Hall; according to Hall’s wife and co-star Jennifer Carpenter, the actor has beaten the cancer and is said to be recovering nicely. So that’s a plus. In the not-so-good- news department (unless perhaps you’re a bailiff hoping to score autographs from off-the-radar actors) Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have landed themselves in jail. Reportedly, they failed to pay for a hotel room and then skipped a court date, so they’re off to the pokey. If you want to help them out, bail for each has been set at $100K per fugitive, although by the time you read this blog they may already have been sprung by zealous/affluent fans. Now according to yesterday’s poll, you guys seem evenly divided in your eagerness to catch the series’ finales of both “Lost” and “24”…as for “The Tudors”, someone needs to speak to the advertising department at Showtime because many of you had never even heard of that show – and we know you know your TV shows!  One final news bit before we get back to “DWTS”– how about “Southland”??  If you hadn’t heard, the LA cop show was canceled by NBC and left for dead, effectively, until TNT came along and picked it up, dusted it off, and started airing it.  Well, the show is thriving on TNT – so much so that they’ve now renewed the show and ordered a third season.  So miracles truly can happen when fans really, really love a program (and someone else is willing to pay for it).  Bravo “Southland”.  Now, back to the topic you all really want to talk about – or at least vote on.  So we’re down to 7 stars on DWTS  – Jake, Evan, Nicole, Chad, Pamela, Erin & Niecy.  Last night it was all about the tango and the samba.  Tonight, it’s all about who’s going home.  Thoughts? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which one of these “DWTS” stars is going to get pink-slipped:

1)    Jake

2)    Niecy

3)    Pamela

4)   Chad

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