Idol Loses 1; Twilight Saga Snags New Director!

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Judging from yesterday’s poll…you’re not too surprised that Siobhan got sent packing on American Idol. And also judging from your votes, lots of you are pretty sure Michael’s next. We’ll check back on that next week.

Speaking of checking back, it’s been quite some time since we’ve had any Twilight news, which seems shocking, since everyone knows that June 30th is fast approaching and with it, the release of Eclipse. Plus, if the brand new trailer is any indication, this one’s going to be much bigger, much better  – and much badder – than New Moon. Well Twi-hards, seems we’ve got even more news: everyone can relax  because  Breaking Dawn has finally  found its director. For true. Bill Condon, the man who made Dreamgirls, Kinsey and Gods & Monsters (among others) has gotten the official nod, and he’ll be the guy who brings the fourth and final part of the Twilight saga to life. Whew. Now, whether he does so in one or two movies is still unclear, although most Hollywood types feel that the plot (Edward & Bella’s love, marriage, children, etc ) is just too mammoth to cover in a single film. Also up for debate is whether or not Breaking Dawn will be Breaking Dawn 3D, since everyone else is doing it. No news yet on casting additional roles for BD, but of course we’ll keep you posted.

And now for some casting news we do know something about: the History Channel has announced they’ll be presenting a brand new miniseries on the Kennedy family  – and Katie Homes will play Jackie O, while Greg Kinnear has been tapped to play Jack. There have been any number of miniseries profiling the Kennedy clan, with several actors taking notable cracks at playing the late, great JFK. So today, let’s consider  three of them. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these actors who played JFK in a TV miniseries is your favorite:

1)    Martin Sheen

2)    Steven Weber

3)   Stephen Collins

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