Who’s The Scariest Movie Villain Ever?

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Ready for the weekend?  First up, exciting baby news…Sandra Bullock isn’t the only one with a ridiculously cute new baby; seems former Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath’s got good news too.  McGrath and fiancee Carin Kingsland welcomed twins  — son Lydon and daughter Hartley. Congratulations all around.                                                                         

Now, if you’re hovering around the 40-year-old mark (or even  gasp – beyond it ) you might be vaguely disheartened to note that after 30 years, the band “A-ha” is calling it quits. If you remember the “Take On Me” video, you know this is a band that epitomized the 80’s in all its glorious, oddly hairstyled excesses. The Norwegian group sold 35 million records and nine albums, although you may not encounter a lot of people who can name two of their songs. But “Take On Me” still rocks.

It is of course Friday, and you know we like to alert you to  what’s playing in theatres. Essentially, you have three choices. First up, we have a new independent film opening called Please Give, with Amanda Peet and Oliver Platt, all about families in New York City. If you can find it at a theater near you, do not walk, run to see it as it’s really a very special little movie indeed. Also in theatres – for the whole family — Brendan Fraser stars in Furry Vengeance, which is all about a developer hellbent on turning land into real estate – until the creatures who live there decide to exact vengeance on their own. Is it a new storyline? Not really. Will kids have a great time seeing it? Absolutely. In fact, if you can take them to this one instead of letting them sneak into the next film, they’ll sleep better.  But let’s face it, kids love to have the living daylights scared out of them, which is why our final  movie opening – A Nightmare on Elm Street – is probably going to do gangbusters at the box office. It’s the latest version of the classic, with  Freddy Krueger making everyone’s sleepless nights just a little bloodier. Die hard fans will also note that Jackie Earle Haley has stepped into the Freddy role traditionally occupied by Robert Englund. So now let’s devote our poll question to creepy movie bad guys. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these horror villains is the scariest?

1)    Freddy Krueger  (Nightmare on Elm Street )

2)    Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th)

3)    Pinhead (Hellraiser)

4)   Jigsaw (Saw)

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