Villains, Part 2: Who’s Your Favorite Psycho?

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Happy Monday! Today we’re going to talk about scary movies, because a certain sharp-fingered somebody did gangbusters at the box office (and you all had a lot to say about it Friday — so we’ll address). But first, we have an obituary: one of daytime drama’s favorite actresses, Helen Wagner, has left us at age 91. Wagner was Nancy Hughes on As The World Turns and actually holds the Guinness World Record for playing the same character  for 54 years – longer than anyone else on TV. So a fond farewell to one of TV’s grand dames.

Now let’s talk about movies, because this weekend  Freddy Krueger roared back to life at the cineplex. There were those who thought the Nightmare franchise had seen better days. There were also plenty of folks who felt Jackie Earle Haley might not have what it takes to embody the ghoulish dreamkiller just right, getting the whole creepy/funny thing down pat like Robert Englund did. Well, despite the doubts (and the doubters) the movie is a hit and will probably stay that way for a while (until next weekend, when Iron Man 2 blows everyone out of the water). So bravo Freddy, the Sweatered One’s made quite a killing. BTW, if you actually saw the new Nightmare on Elm Street, let us know your thoughts. And while you’re at it, let us know how many of the kids seated around you had “guardians” or “parents” anywhere nearby. So what does this mean for horror flicks & the disfigured psychopaths who star in them? The genre will always do well, but let’s also  address the “villain” issue  a lot of you brought up last week. We presented you with “horror” villains specifically, and many of you argued that a lots  of the less-gory/more-psycho-type villains are actually scarier. As in, scariest is not the supernaturally-powered  types, but the Ordinary Joe who takes a dip in Lake Crazy. So let’s take a peek at some of those guys today. Here are three of the baddest  from scary – but not slasher  – films. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these is scariest?

1)    Hannibal Lecter

2)    Norman Bates

3)    Jack Torrance

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