The Idol 5 – Who’s Out Tonight?

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It’s Wednesday. We’re almost there. And today we’re going to talk about Idol…because it’s getting pretty plot-thickeningly tense. But first, we do need to address Dancing With The Stars because they too had an elimination round last night and (warning: spoiler here) Pamela Anderson got sent home. Surprised? Peeved? Or, like so many fans (especially the ones who claimed to loathe Kate Gosselin) are you maybe a little sad to see Pam and Jake and Kate go? After all, if we’re really being honest, aren’t the people who bug us the most also the ones we love watching the most? So after we get what we want, maybe the best TV isn’t really the most fun TV anymore (and this goes for Idol too, although among the 4 left after tonight,  there’s not really a dud in the bunch).                                                                         

So now to the crooners. And crooners they were last night, what with the whole Frank Sinatra/Harry Connick Jr. thing working (and kinda working well, I might add – but that’s just me). In fact, there are those who think Connick’s the best mentor ever – do you agree? He might be the best dressed, that’s for sure. But audiences remain divided on whether or not these five had what it takes to tackle Ol’ Blue Eyes. So tonight someone’s going to be red-eyed  because they’re getting the boot. Who will it be? Now, because there are five Rat Packers left —  but we only have room for four in our poll — we’re going to eliminate the odds-on frontrunner. Nor was this process of elimination conducted by anybody but the pros. See, we went to the Las Vegas gambling sites and checked the odds that the singers are being given (and we know these people take this stuff VERY seriously) and we’re going with their numbers.  And they say Crystal Bowersox, odds-on fave,  is most definitely NOT going home tonight. So that leaves a delicious quartet from which to choose. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these four – minus Miss Bowersox – will go home tonight?

1)    Lee

2)    Casey

3)    Aaron

4)  Michael

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