Iron Man: Can It Get Much Better for Downey?

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Happy Friday! A few bits of good news from Hollywood today: Bret Michaels is doing much better,  and if you’re a  fan of the canceled show Moonlight, starring Alex O’Loughlin, you’re in for a treat – because the CW has agreed to re-air the show (nice work, fans – this may have  had something to do with Moonlight’s  very em, vocal following).

Now we continue our discussion of the Monstrously, Wildly, Insanely, Ridiculously Popular SuperHero Movie that will probably obliterate everything else in its path this weekend : Iron Man 2. You guys certainly had a lot to say about your favorite page-to-screen heroes in yesterday’s poll. Fortunately, Hollywood is pretty in tune with your devotion and as long as there’s a fanbase, they’ll keep bringing your favorites to life on the big screen. Like this one — which they’re now saying may very well reach record opening numbers. (Not to mention the merchandising — is it cooler in the long run to have an IM or an IM2 lunchbox? ) Now yesterday, we talked about the comic book hero as a genre. Today? Let’s focus on the actor himself. Because it seems that nobody ever gets tired of the endlessly talented (and  intriguing/ complicated) Robert Downey Jr. This morning I heard someone say that the reason RDJr.’s such a fantastic action hero is quite simply because “ he acts like he really isn’t one, which makes him all the more appealing”. Do you agree?  I thought it was well put. So now let’s look at a few other roles and get some feedback  – specifically outside of Iron Man the movie (because once Monday comes no one is going to be talking about anything else). Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these RDJr. roles is your favorite:

1)    Chaplin

2)    Sherlock Holmes

3)    Tropic Thunder

4)  Ally McBeal

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