Betty White/Robert Downey Jr. Weekend Wallop

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Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Robert Downey Jr. and Betty White sure did – the former starring in the $133 million-dollar-grossing Iron Man 2, and the latter bringing SNL its biggest ratings jump in nearly two years.  So let’s talk about these two much beloved performers, because although different in many regards each manages to inspire devotion among fans AND receive critical acclaim simultaneously. And they do this consistently. Which is, as we know, almost unheard of in Hollywood. What’s their secret? (I’m thinking it’s got something to do with not taking oneself too seriously – each embodies a lightheartedness that attracts fans). Plus, most important here? Both of them  know how to laugh at themselves…not so easy in a town where the average  ego ranges anywhere  in size from a baseball diamond to a small European country. As we  move forward into summer,  we’ll encounter plenty of box office behemoths (e.g. Shrek, Prince Of Persia, Twilight:Eclipse,  Sex and The City 2, etc) but they’ll be hard pressed to top the IM2 opening. And maybe that means that even though people honestly crave their special effects, their 3-D,  & their enhanced CGI – sometimes it just comes down to loving a great character. Which may explain  why Robert Downey’s in a league of his own. Judging from your comments in Friday’s poll, it seems the only thing you agree on re: RDJr. is that you’re fans. As for his best role? All over the map …everyone’s got a different opinion, and you offered multiple suggestions.  Bottom line, you like him. You really, really like him. (Not to mention the hundred & thirty three million other  reasons to substantiate that claim this week). Now Betty White is also a fantastic example of class in a world that’s not always so classy, in an arena that’s not always polite or gracious or even well-intentioned. She manages to trump all of this, nor does she ask us to reward her for it — in fact, she never seems less than genuinely excited to be working.  If you saw her on SNL you probably got the feeling – as I did – that she just plain loves to work.  She knocked SNL out of the park two days ago, and there are plenty of clips floating around the internet to show us how an 88 year old does this – while making it look very, very easy. And SNL hasn’t always had such top notch guests. But for today, let’s take a peak at some others who scored big and made everyone laugh. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these other SNL hosts – besides Betty White – is your favorite?

1)    Justin Timberlake

2)    Tom Hanks

3)    Steve Martin

4)    Hugh Jackman

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