Another Idol Down & Your Fave Movie Musicals

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It’s Thursday…and last night America bid a very public farewell to Michael Lynche, narrowing the gap on Idol and making things more than a little claustrophobic for Crystal, Casey and Lee. More on that nailbiter next week.  Speaking of performers, I’m just back from New York City, having caught a few shows on – and off – Broadway. Two of which I enjoyed quite a bit & would recommend to anyone making their way to the Big Apple for some theatre. The first is a new play called White’s Lies and it stars Betty Buckley, Peter Scolari & Tuc Watkins; this one’s a comedy about a divorce lawyer whose former shenanigans are very much at odds with his mother’s dying wish. Totally fun & wonderfully acted, in a TV-sitcom way. Then I saw a musical based on the Green Day album American Idiot, appropriately entitled, American Idiot. Now, I should preface this by saying I believe about 75% of a great Broadway musical is the music – and since this was a record I absolutely loved from the getgo, bringing the whole thing to the stage was kind of a no-brainer for me. Still, they did a terrific job and I got exactly what I paid for (and somewhat  less — in a good way – since my short attention span was rewarded with  an hour-and-a-half show!) So Idiot did  the trick (it’s already been nominated for the Best Musical Tony) and if you thought the Grammy-winning record rocked, it’s  probably a no-brainer for you, too. Thus,  if you happen to be in NYC this summer, you might want to check out White’s Lies and American Idiot. Which makes me wonder – now that I’m back in LA – about Broadway shows that made it to the movies. Here are four to consider – voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these big screen musicals is your favorite?

1)    Mama Mia

2)    Chicago

3)    Hairspray

4)    Rent