Queen Latifah Leads The Pack: New Movies

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Happy Friday. Well, you all had plenty to say yesterday about your favorite musicals. So much that we’ll absolutely bring that topic up again (hadn’t known you were such showtunes fans & now I’ll be sure you have even more choices!) Speaking of choices, let’s get right to movie openings – because you’ve got a few of them today at your local cineplex. First, there’s one about a hot but scruffy guy who’s very  hands-on when it comes to a) his bow & arrow b) Cate Blanchett and c) evil sheriffs. It’s called Robin Hood,  it stars Russell Crowe and, well, you pretty much know what you’re getting with this one. I’m thinking a lot of dark forests, pounding horses’ hooves and not a ton of bathing going on. But I could be mistaken. One thing we do know – it’s going to make money. Honestly, when’s the last time a director gave Russell Crowe a weapon and a reason to be really irritated and the film didn’t make tons of cash? The next movie looks more lighthearted, largely because it’s got the word “Letters” and a woman’s name in the title. It’s called Letters To Juliet and it stars Amanda Seyfried (amazing in Mama Mia) plus Vanessa Redgrave, and they’re in Italy with a romantic premise and a lot of good-looking men. I see date nights this weekend split down boy/girl lines about these two films, when all they should probably do – to insure themselves a good time all around – is see Just Wright. This may satisfy everyone, for three reasons:  a) it stars the astonishing  Queen Latifah who seems only to get more appealing with every move (and movie) she makes. Another reason is  b) it’s  a romantic comedy about c) basketball. So that pretty much covers everything – and everyone – thus solving all movie-going  dilemmas  with one cool flick.  Oh, and did we mention it also stars Common? Enough said. My money’s on Just Wright this weekend. Looks like a pretty great time. And while we’re at it, let’s take a peek at some other sports films. Here are a few; voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which one of these sports-movies-with-a-romance is your favorite?

1)    Jerry Maguire

2)    Bull Durham

3)    Love and Basketball

4)   Rocky

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