R.I.P. Law & Order (1990-2010)

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It’s Monday, time for a brand new week filled with infinite possibility, ample opportunity, and two more bummed-out contestants on Dancing With The Stars and American Idol. (But can we just say that a) we’ll discuss the shows specifically later, and b) whoever does get sent home on either show will do so with great buzz/fanfare and plenty of cash & prizes so it’s still pretty win-win all around). Today, let’s talk about another kind of pink slip – the one NBC has handed to Law & Order. It’s true. The network’s decided to pull the plug on the late, great legal drama after an unbelievable 20 seasons. L&O was actually in line to beat out Gunsmoke as the longest-running prime time drama ever! The show’s cancellation was apparently a surprise, especially since they hadn’t actually created a tie-it-all-up-grand-slam series finale – reportedly this may come later as some kind of special  TV movie deal, but nobody’s talking yet. (The chatter in Hollywood is that the also-canceled Heroes may get some kind of special finale-type show as well).  Plus, let’s not forget about Law & Order’s spawn – shows it begat which even overtook the groundbreaking drama in the ratings over time: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent and the much hyped L&O: Los Angeles – a brand new series that has yet to air. Now, think back for a second to where you were on September 13th, 1990 – which is when Law & Order first hit our living rooms. Of course, this is assuming you were even on this here earth way back then. And how about the actors? Peeps like Sam Waterston, Jesse L. Martin, Jerry Orbach, S. Epatha Merkerson, and Chris Noth, to name a few – who became household names. So here’s to a legendary show that spawned generations and imitations, but one that will always hold a very special place in the world of great American television. For today’s poll, take a peek at the three series (counting the one that’s ending and not counting the one that hasn’t begun). Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which Law & Order show is your favorite.

1)    Law & Order

2)    L&O: Special Victims Unit

3)    L&O: Criminal Intent

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