DWTS: 4 Left. Who’s Going…Going…Gone?

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Well it’s Tuesday, which means of course we’re devoted largely to Dancing With The Stars (there’s that elimination round tonight). But first, let’s address the good news surrounding one of PCA’s favorite sitcom players, Charlie Sheen. See, it was reported that he’d decided to call it quits on his show  – much to the consternation of 2 1/2 Men lovers everywhere. However, it seems the powers that be have managed to er, convince Charlie to stay on board  – for another two years. Nobody’s using exact numbers, but let’s just say they’re probably pretty round ones. All we know is, one day he was saying “no”. Then allegedly he wanted somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million bucks a show (that doesn’t sound like such a bad place to live). The upshot? CBS has agreed to make it worth his while.

And now on to DWTS. Because it’ll probably be a doozy. Tonight we get Miley Cyrus singing “Can’t Be Tamed” – but according to reports, she can be, as the top brass has asked her to keep things clean this evening. Obviously the pressure’s on now because there are only four couples left, and last night judges awarded a few perfect scores. Did Chad score points by showing off That Which a Gym & a Professional Football Career Provides? Possibly. Does Nicole Scherzinger still have the popular vote? Will Evan stay another week at least to find out if she can be beat? (Quite probably) Which DWTS star is going home tonight? We’ve got one attractive quartet of hoofers who want that mirror ball something fierce. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us who won’t be competing next week:

1)    Evan

2)    Erin

3)    Chad

4)    Nicole

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