Idol Tonight: And Then There Were Three…

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It’s Wednesday. Last night Dancing With The Stars sent another hoofer home, while tonight marks the big Idol semifinal – where we get to say adieu to one of the Big Three. Tomorrow I want to talk about non-reality TV,  because the networks have made some pretty dramatic (and some would say drastic) announcements about shows they’re canceling – and ones they’re adding. Pretty shocking stuff, but we’ll discuss later. For now, let’s get back to our two favorite reality shows this week. The  DWTS news? Farewell to hot football star  Chad Ochocinco   – are you surprised? I sincerely doubt it, since most of you pegged him in yesterday’s poll. So now it’s down to Nicole, Erin and Evan. I’m guessing one of the ladies will take it, but that’s all I’m going to say today.

Much harder to predict is Idol. Because last night was super tricky in that besides pitting Crystal, Casey and Lee against one another, we have the pall of Simon’s imminent departure lingering there the whole time. And who on earth wants to be responsible for hiring the next one?  Where else are they going to find a guy with such an astonishing sniper’s eye for talent, a viper’s tongue, and those insipid collarless shirts?  But back to the crooners. Is it just me or does the season lack some of the drama and intensity of the Kris Allen/Adam Lambert showdown?  Maybe it’s just me. One thing that did get everyone hot under the collar (-less shirts) was Lee, who enjoyed a huge power surge thanks to a Leonard Cohen song that I’ve never, ever, ever heard anyone say they didn’t love. No matter who sang it.  And Lee definitely acquitted himself nicely. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess. So you make yours in today’s featured poll  and tell us which of the Idol three will get sent packing this evening.

1)    Crystal

2)    Lee

3)    Casey

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