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Happy Thursday – we’re almost there! Turns out? Either Crystal Bowersox or Lee DeWyze is too. That is to say, on last night’s Idol elimination round Casey James went home, leaving the final two to quite the showdown next week. But today, let’s talk about non-reality TV, because the networks have been making some pretty surprising –  and some say shocking – moves. This is the week where we learn which prime time shows get canceled and which ones get to stay in our living rooms. Law & Order, for example, was a huge TV casualty, and left lots of fans disappointed (largely because of the show’s sheer longevity). Thing is, nowadays, most shows can only hope for a fraction of L&O’s shelf life. The axe seems to be falling more quickly (and emphatically) every year for TV. They have to shine right out of the gate, or else, it’s curtains.  Flash Forward & Better Off Ted? Gone. Heroes? No more. One case in point, CBS’ is axing Ghost Whisperer, Gary Unmarried, Cold Case,The New Adventures of Old Christine (although there may be a twist there – more on that later) and Numb3rs. We already know that Til Death died, but did you know that Accidentally on Purpose and Romantically Challenged are hitting the road too? Melrose Place has also met an unfortunate end. Plus they’ve just announced that the tenth season of Smallville will be the young Superman’s last. Whole lot of canceling going on. And what about the new stuff? Someone has to fill in all those empty slots. We can’t just go on watching Glee and Modern Family forever (or can we?) Here’s what they’ve done:  CBS has added five new TV series (three dramas and two comedies) , ABC is launching six newbies, NBC’s got twelve new shows in the works, while Fox is unveiling four comedies and three new dramas next season. How’s that for a total overload of TV comings-and-goings? (And I haven’t even mentioned what’s moving time slots…hello, Big Bang Theory on Thursdays now…)  Anyway, we’ll get into the specifics of the new shows down the road, but I want to find out where all of you stand on some of these cancellations and what — if anything — you’ll miss. So, let’s start with a few non-returning shows to gauge your heartbreak meter. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these shows you’re most sorry to see go:

1) Ghost Whisperer

2) Heroes

3) Flash Forward

4) Cold Case

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