R.I.P. LOST (2004-2010)

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Happy Monday…hope you had a great weekend. At the movies, Shrek Forever After triumphed (as predicted  — although I realize that’s not exactly splitting the atom). The Green Guy’s assured a long, happy, healthy run in all its 3D, “final installment” glory. Let us know what you thought and what other movies you saw.

Of course our BIG weekend news has not to do with movies, but with TV.  Because after 6 mystifying seasons and 120 episodes, one of television’s most popular (and expensive) dramas – LOST – came to a close last night.  I have to say I was pretty late to the Lost game and once I tuned in I needed some serious coaching. But as we know, there is no shortage of Lost coaches who are more than willing to untangle the mysterious weave  of events following the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Plus, you know it was the most expensive pilot in history, right? (Between  $10- $14 million bucks. And they had to buy a real plane). Always complicated, frequently baffling, but somehow inevitably captivating (again, not splitting the atom here). These are not your everyday survivors, flash-sidewayses, Others, and smoke monsters. And last night’s adieu, well, that one kind of makes you rethink your definition of the word “dead”…although there were reunions aplenty and Hurley’s got a brand new job (but we won’t spoil it if you didn’t catch it). So we now salute one of TV’s creepy finest. Here then, for all of you die-hard fans, for those of you who were casual Losties, and even for those of you who never watched (but think Matthew Fox & Naveen Andrews are cute) — a chance to weigh in. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these  Lost characters is your favorite?

1)    Jack

2)    Hurley

3)    Kate

4)    Sawyer

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