Sex and the City Sells

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Just caught Sex and the City, part deux. Managed to get the last 4 tickets in Southern California last night and knew exactly what we were getting into. I counted 7 patient/repentant/curious/misled and/or gay men in an audience of some 450 ladies who were beyond stoked. We’d been hit by the barrage of what they call “marketing” for SATC2. Although, look at this rationally: if they’re talking about something you’re already familiar with & happy about, if they’re showing you pictures you want to see, if they’re airing clips you can’t get enough of, can we really call that marketing? I think not. Pretty sure the proper term would be appetite-whetting. Admittedly, the movie is long (with the exception of one Miranda/Charlotte drinky-bird sequence that’s too short). And sure, two of my three friends may have actually traveled to  — and returned from —  Abu Dabi before the final credits rolled. But here’s the what. When’s the last time you went to a film and every single person in the theatre – including the ones on screen – had a really good time? Not sure yet  about video-game-to-movie Prince of Persia starring Jake Gyllenhaal (whose accent indicates that he’s still super-peeved at being passed over for Robin Hood).  Are the SATC girls over-the-top consumption-wise? Absolutely. Do they get to do things that stretch the limits of plausibility? No question about it. Will people cheer about the “feminist” message and scratch their heads about the Middle Eastern perspective? Count on it, big time. But: are the girls funny? Quite. Is Carrie Bradshaw’s plaintive commentary still mysteriously diverting? Sure is. And I’m reading the reviews and wondering who told the critics that this film had been written by the US Department of State, directed by the Government’s Office of Management & Budget, and produced by the Peace Corps? Because when I hear about films where folks are rendered limb from limb by aliens, subjected to an unimaginably bad time by serial killers, and riddled with bullets by vigilante heroes – only to be told that these are “groundbreaking in their audacity” and therefore “worth watching”, I have to think we’ve assembled a moviegoing machine and left a few screws on the floor. SATC2 probably won’t be remembered past the 4th of July (particularly since the audience who devours it will likely have moved on to Eclipse). But, for everyone who points to its irresponsibility regards today’s economic climate, I have to ask when it was that movies stopped being about forgetting where you are for two hours? It’s Memorial Day Weekend. Seems to me we can try and enjoy it, or we can go seeking that team of physicians willing go on record declaring French Fries a genuinely healthy food product. Until those findings are made public, it probably won’t kill anyone to take a few Christian Louboutin steps towards the cotton candy machine and have some fun.

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4)    How to Train Your Dragon

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