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So hold on to your Jet Packs everyone, because Apple’s just unveiled the new iPhone and apparently, video chatting is here to stay. Looks pretty cool to me. Now I know there’s already videoconferencing and Skype and all sorts of teleportation talking here now. Still, this new deal, which is called FaceTime, looks kind of astonishing and may revolutionize communication (while eliminating  privacy as we know it). And, as someone with an iPhone, and as someone who also lives in eternal fear of accidental pocket-dialing, I have to say this looks a little scary. What happens when it rings, you think you’ve hit “decline” and suddenly the person you don’t want to talk to busts you eating cereal at home in your pjs, when you’re allegedly out of town/ at a high-powered meeting? It just looks like one (a.k.a. me) could really screw that up. That said, can’t wait to see it in action. Now let’s get back to Hollywood. Or actually, Aspen Colorado. Remember last week when we discussed how the frequently troubled almost-half of Two and a Half Men Charlie Sheen never really gets into permanent trouble? Well,  it seems trouble’s been put on hold yet again. According to People Magazine “Charlie Sheen’s expected sentencing to 30 days in jail and work duty at a community theater was postponed Monday…with a new hearing now set for July 12”. So there’s that. Now one of the first questions I had when it all started was the very legal language they used charging him (they went after him for  “criminal mischief” which seems a dubious term at best). So now — in keeping with the sober tone of what is definitely a serious matter – how does the District Attorney officially describe this latest delay? With these very words: “We’ve hit a snag”. A snag? Whew. If you ask me, I’m just glad the Long Arm of the Law isn’t taking any guff from anyone and that they really mean business. By the way, when I think about someone who’s allegedly threatened people with serious violence, nothing says “punishment” like working days in a community theater in Aspen, Colorado, now does it? We’ll stay tuned on that one. And here’s some good news in the world of nuptials (not to be confused with the Elton John/Rush Limbaugh  WeddingSingerGate  which still has everyone up in arms). This one appears blessedly controversy-free. Canadian chanteuse Alanis Morissette, who oughtta know a thing or two about the travails of dating, has now officially become a Mrs.  Plus, it seems she did it in a very low-key way – secretly and almost three weeks ago! How’s that for genuinely avoiding attention and maintaining discretion? (It’s really very Canadian, is what it is). Well done. The multiple- award-winning singer /songwriter has married her boyfriend of about a year, a rapper/singer who goes by the name of  Souleye (which, curiously was my own birth name but it was tricky to spell in the first grade so I just opted for “Liz”). If you happened to catch Alanis on the Idol finale, she was in great form. It’s the first marriage for both, and we wish them well. In fact, since everyone loves a wedding, let’s look at a few recent ones. Consider these four, then voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which celeb wedding you’d most like to have attended as a guest:

1)    Rush Limbaugh

2)    Alanis Morissette

3)    Jensen Ackles

4)    Jane Lynch

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