CMT Awards & The Rise of Len Grossman

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So last night was the CMT Awards, which were actually pretty fun to watch. Now full disclosure: I’m not a huge country music buff but I have to say that this was one of those celebrations where they know how to target lay-listeners. And while I may not love the tunes and lyrics, some of those people are so damned scrubbed, shiny and appealing that it’s hard to change the channel. Kid Rock hosted, and he wasn’t particularly shiny or scrubbed or even combed for that matter, but I’ll bet you can’t beat an afternoon with him drinking beers overlooking some bayou. Secondary disclosure: I’ve never actually seen a bayou but I’m reasonably certain that if I did, Kid Rock would be one of the go-to guys for that kind of outing. Even though I know he’s from Detroit (see how well they integrate him into the country music fold?!) At first Kid seemed a random choice to host, but the shrieking hordes – who made the uproarious MTV Movie Awards crowd seem like a drum circle of Gregorian monks —  embraced him something fierce. In the Bold Revelations Department, Carrie Underwood acquitted herself beautifully. And, under the watchful eye of his vaguely uncomfortable-looking wife, Keith Urban teamed up with John Mayer and everyone went wild. The guys were amazing. It was also hard not to be struck by the contrast between these two men: both are hugely talented & wildly successful, and yet each could not have given off a more radically different vibe. For here’s Keith Urban, who despite his well-documented troubles still manages to exude confidence and a certain serenity behind the mic that’s beyond charming. You can’t take your eyes off him, and you want him to succeed and go forth and win – regardless of the undertaking. When you watch John Mayer however – despite his astonishing skill and undeniable curb appeal — you’re left wondering why a guy with that much going for him has to go and open his mouth so frequently for things other than songs. Speaking of which, let’s chat about another huge star who’s no stranger to self-sabotage and his latest business venture. Because yesterday it was announced that Len Grossman now has a picture all his own. As you may know, Grossman is the uber-obnoxious producer character Tom Cruise played in Tropic Thunder, who also showed up to wild acclaim at the MTV Movie Awards. People loved it. He cussed, he was vulgar, he grabbed his crotch, he grabbed J.Lo (for all I know he may have grabbed her crotch in the melee but it was tough to differentiate after a while). So now the Hollywood press says Len/Tom is  teaming up with Ben Stiller (which never seems like a bad thing) and they’re going to make a movie all about him. What do you think? Would you watch two hours worth of Len Grossman? Will Tom Cruise’s apparent willingness to embrace parody win the hearts of fans all over again?  Does he have true comedic chops that will open brand new doors? And have people forgotten the bizarre Oprah stuff – or is this his attempt to acknowledge/get past those antics by presenting us with another way to love him? Perhaps this is just a MacGruber-type one trick pony a few years too late? Who knows. What I am sure about is that the final product ( assuming it’s not a hoax) will be a very lucrative pony, indeed. So we’ll stay tuned for that. In fact, lots of actors transform themselves to great acclaim – Charlize Theron & Robert DeNiro won Oscars for it, in dramatic roles. Now let’s take a look at some actors who have altered their appearances for comedies; voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these transformed actors is your favorite:

1) Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire)

2) Eddie Murphy (Nutty Professor/Klumps/Norbit)

3) Cameron Diaz (Being John Malkovich)

4) Tom Cruise (Tropic Thunder)

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